Mark Dever


Episode 2: On Pastoring in the Age of Social Media

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 02.21.2017

A mere ten years ago, social media didn’t exist. Now it’s everywhere. Jonathan Leeman sits down with Mark Dever to chat about the difficulties of pastoring in the age of social media.


Episode 1: On Gospel Growth Beyond Your Church

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 02.14.2017

In the inaugural episode of our new podcast Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan Leeman sits down with Mark Dever to talk about seeing the gospel grow in your city, not just your church.


Mark Dever Interviews Jonathan Leeman about “Don’t Fire Your Church Members”

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 02.07.2017

Would you believe it if someone told you church structure actually plays a crucial role in your individual discipleship?

Session 2 – Can Young and Messy Christians really Disciple One Another? – Mark Dever

By Mark Dever | 11.23.2016

9Marks, the North American Mission Board, and Send partnered together for a one-day conference on church revitalization in Washington, DC. Watch the other sessions or listen in via iTunes or Spreaker.


Neither a Republican Nor a Democratic Church

By Mark Dever | 11.14.2016

The Christ we share is more important to us than the politics we don’t.

Conversion and its Costs interview

Conversion & Its Costs: An Interview with Rosaria Butterfield

By M. Dever, R. Butterfield | 10.31.2016

20 years ago, Rosaria Butterfield was a tenured English professor, an activist, and a lesbian. Now, she’s a pastor’s wife, a mom, and a Christian. What happened?

Mark Dever – Session 3 – 9Marks at Southeastern

By Mark Dever | 10.28.2016

Mark Dever’s session at the 9Marks at Southeastern Conference, which aims to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God’s glory to the nations through healthy churches.

9marks mailbag

25 Years Ago, “Nine Marks” Was Born

By Mark Dever | 10.28.2016

On October 30, 1991—25 years ago this Sunday—Mark Dever wrote a letter to a church in Massachusetts. They needed a new pastor and wanted to know what they should be looking for. Mark responded with a list of nine must-haves—a list that has since become known as “nine marks of a healthy church.”


12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online

By Mark Dever | 08.29.2016

Remember, you will give an account for every word you type (Mt 12:36). Does saying things at a “safe distance” from people tempt us to say things we wouldn’t say to their face?


9 Choices for a Healthy Music Ministry

By Mark Dever | 08.24.2016

The musical excellence we aim for should be more in the congregation than in the instrumentalists or vocalists who lead or accompany our singing.


In Praise of Low-Budget, Non-Professional Music Ministries

By Mark Dever | 08.23.2016

I’m not saying the way my church “does” music is the only way, or even the best way. What I am saying is that the quality of music and especially the quality of singing is not dependent upon the size of your music budget.

Cultivating a Culture of Discipling

By Mark Dever | 08.17.2016

Mark Dever’s session during the First 5 Years conference in Fort Worth, TX, August 2016. For more about 9Marks conferences and ministry, please visit


Twelve Steps to Regain Meaningful Membership

By Mark Dever | 08.12.2016

Pastors must again meditate on Heb.13:17 and consider the seriousness of the accounting to God we are to give for those to whom we have given assurance of their salvation. Continued membership in our congregation is giving such assurance.


Discipling: A Conversation Between Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 07.27.2016

“If you say you’re a Christian, but you’re not helping other Christians follow Jesus, I’m simply not sure what you mean.”

God, Politics, and Other Easy Topics—A Conversation with Russell Moore and Mark Dever

By J. Leeman, M. Dever, P. Bethancourt, R. D. Moore | 07.18.2016

Russell Moore and Mark Dever sit down at this year’s SBC to chat about God, Politics, and Other Easy Topics.