Book Review: Honest Evangelism, by Rico Tice

Review by Austin Suter | 02.04.2016

Evangelism is hard. This book should help.


In Poor Communities, Does Doctrine Matter?

By M. McConnell, M. McKinley | 02.01.2016

Does a commitment to teaching and believing doctrine hinder the spread of the gospel in hard places? Hardly.


Transition and the Pastor’s Wife

By Erin Wheeler | 01.29.2016

How do two people from coastal northern California and the nation’s capitol end up in Arkansas? God does it. That’s how.

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Mailbag #28: Are “Unequally Yoked” Marriages Always Sin?; Can You Discipline over Sins of Omission?; Is Dancing Acceptable in Corporate Gatherings?

By Jonathan Leeman | 01.26.2016

— Are marriages between Christians and non-Christians always sin? What if they have children together? — Is it wise to discipline over sins of omissions, like husbands who don’t love their wives well? — Is dancing acceptable in corporate gatherings?