Haykin- Bunyan

400-Year-Old Lessons from English Baptists and Persecution

By Michael A. G. Haykin | Vanishing Church? | 10.30.2014

May these persevering lives in the midst of persecution and suffering instruct us, as perhaps even now we endure, or are preparing to endure.

community of jesus

Book Review: The Community of Jesus, ed. by Christopher Morgan and Kendell Easley

Review by Andy Naselli | 10.30.2014

This book wrestles with the key texts on the people of God throughout Scripture, shrewdly synthesizes the themes, and warmly applies it to God’s people today.

left behind in america

Left Behind in America: Following Christ after Culture Wars

By Russell D. Moore | Vanishing Church? | 10.28.2014

The cultural tumult around us is no cause for either the clenching of the fists or the wringing of the hands.

blessed are the persecuted

Blessed Are the Persecuted

By Greg Cochran | Vanishing Church? | 10.28.2014

As we contemplate persecution—and the persecuted—we realize that blessedness is something more than (and something strangely different from) what we had imagined.