Book Review: Oprah: The Gospel of An Icon

Review by Jonathan Baer | 12.15.2014

Oproah can—and does—offer promises of temporal salvation, but it fails to deliver anything of enduring value.


Book Review: Hand in Hand, by Randy Alcorn

Review by Jason Helopoulos | 12.11.2014

If nothing else, this book is a needed correction for angry Arminians and cranky Calvinists.

book shelf

Theology and Pastoral Ministry

By Graham Heslop | 12.10.2014

Pastor, I plead with you: Don’t let your books become decorative and dusty testaments to your theological study. Theological study is not an academic hoop to jump through in order to get into the pastorate, but a vital aspect of any vital pastoral ministry.

women of the word

Book Review: Women of the Word, by Jen Wilkin

Review by E. Bratcher | 12.09.2014

Of course a Christian woman’s life is very full. But maybe that’s not a good excuse for not digging into the Word in a meaningful way.