Book Review: Expository Listening, by Ken Ramey

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 04.16.2015

It’s hard to sit down and listen to an hour-long sermon when you spend your day flipping from the smart phone to the iPad to the big screen.


Mailbag #5: Not Baptizing Children, Small Groups, Elders and Porn—Again 

By Jonathan Leeman | 04.10.2015

—Should we baptize children? —What’s better, small groups or one-on-one discipleship? —How do pastors balance being a model to the flock while still confessing their fallibility?


The Doctrine of the Church in a Post-Indiana America 

By Jonathan Leeman | 04.10.2015

The doctrine of the church is about to prove itself as important as ever in the history of America. Churches where that doctrine is weak, I fear, will soon look like what Proverbs calls a city without walls.


A Good Assistant Pastor Is Hard to Find

By Jason Helopoulos | 04.08.2015

A good assistant pastor can be a drain on the energies of the church and the senior pastor or one of their greatest refreshments. If you are a good one, keep at it. If you are looking for one, choose carefully. And if you have one, thank him.