hate mail

Hate Mail

By Deepak Reju | 01.15.2015

How should you, as a pastor, think about receiving criticism? Consider six things.

je and the church

Book Review: Jonathan Edwards & The Church, by Rhys Bezzant

Review by Tyler Durham | 01.12.2015

Edwards’ approach, as illustrated in Bezzant’s book, tries to strike the right balance between the two extremes of out-and-out pragmatism and culturally deaf fundamentalism.


Church Membership in Theory and Practice with Ligon Duncan

By L. Duncan, M. Dever | 01.09.2015

Should the everyday Christian care about something as old-fashioned and outmoded as church membership? Does its practice make sense in contexts without church discipline? Isn’t it just a “Baptist thing”? Mark Dever interviews Ligon Duncan about all this and more in the latest 9Marks Leadership interview: “Church Membership in Theory and Practice.”

reforming mercy ministry

Book Review, Reforming Mercy Ministry, by Ted Rivera

Review by Timoteo Sazo | 01.05.2015

Thought-provoking and challenging, this book is a guide that church leaders and church members will find helpful as they seek to form, or reform, their own mercy ministries.