Book Review: Now That I’m a Christian, by Michael C. Patton

Review by Jon Saunders | 11.21.2014

Church, raise up young Christians. Don’t pass it off to a book. But then, take advantage of every possible good book out there to help make that happen.

Why We need the church

Why We Need the Church

By Jenny Manley | 11.20.2014

The statement “I love Jesus; I just don’t care for the church” does not make sense when we understand the church is a gift given to the people of God for the glory of God.

roman catholicim

Book Review: Roman Catholic Theology and Practice, by Gregg Allison

Review by ​Leonardo De Chirico | 11.19.2014

My hope is that this landmark book will re-orientate evangelical theology away from its attraction towards a shallow ecumenicity with Rome towards a serious dialogue based on the Word of God.

Two Paths Out of Trials

The Wilberforce Test: Preaching and the Public Square

By Owen Strachan | Vanishing Church? | 11.18.2014

The pastor who preaches for the transformation of his people is equipping them for service in this life that will echo into eternity.