Book Review: Search, by William Vanderbloemen

Review by Chris Brauns | 08.19.2016

The crying need of churches in our day is biblical shepherds who are passionately committed to our King and the authority of his Word. This book, unfortunately, doesn’t challenge churches in this regard.


A Pastoral Response to Millennial Autonomy

By Kevin McKay | 08.15.2016

The church gives millennials the joys of intimate relationship and meaning, but not in ways most might naturally think.


Twelve Steps to Regain Meaningful Membership

By Mark Dever | 08.12.2016

Pastors must again meditate on Heb.13:17 and consider the seriousness of the accounting to God we are to give for those to whom we have given assurance of their salvation. Continued membership in our congregation is giving such assurance.


The Compelling Community: What to Do Next?

By Jamie Dunlop | 08.04.2016

Periodically, pastors read The Compelling Community, and then ask us where to start in putting its ideas into practice. Here are three thoughts for your consideration.